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Environmental Consulting

Conducting environment and social impact assessments and environmental auditing.

Urban Planning

Optimizing the effectiveness of a community’s land use and infrastructure.


Auditing, monitoring and supervising environmental, infrastructure and engineering work.

Our Latest Projects
Explore some of our most impressive undertakings, feel free to ask us any questions or even submit a request for proposal.

SOWI Kosovo LLC plans to develop and operate the Wind Farm Selac I, II and III in Kosovo. The Project is located near the village of Bajgora in the municipality of Mitrovica, in Northern Kosovo. The wind farm project consists of 27 WTGs type GE 3.8-137 with a capacity of 3.83 MW with a hub […]

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Janjar & Mursi Irrigation scheme lies in the Municipalities of Konispol & Finiq covering an agricultural area of 5500ha. The municipalities are located in the southern edges of the country. The Janjar & Mursi irrigation scheme is composed of: i) Janjar Reservoir including the dam and 22km of main irrigation canal of Janjar; ii) Mursi […]

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The Arbri Road is being constructed with the goal to connect the capital city of Tirana with Dibra Region. This road starts in Tirana and will end near Peshkopia city. The Arbri Road Construction work is focused on building the roadway, opening the tunnels, and building large and medium bridges as well. Currently on this […]

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The proposed development of the winter sport facilities in Nikolica Village requests as well the creation of tourist residencies and accommodation. The company Nikolica Ski Resort is proposing to build a 5 star alpine hotel with all this necessary facilities. For this purpose, GR Albania undertook a feasibility study consisting of detailed and necessary analysis and […]

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